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Tac mods & the CTW

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1 Tac mods & the CTW on Tue Jun 26, 2012 5:06 pm


Hi guys

Ive just bought my first CTW & currently own a PTW. The so called 'Tac' mods are as most people agree a total scam.

This is what i know from looking at my PTW (which i bought 2nd hand Tac modded)

Moisture Proofing - AQUA STOP SPRAY* (on here in other sections)
*This is not needed guys , its maybe good to spray it on the electronics , but if you get the gun so wet it wont help much

Motor rewind - Tac sends them away. He waits till he has 10 then gets a local model shop to do them. I think you can get these done in Leeds at 'Leeds Model shop' or you once could and its a fraction of the price (also on here too)

Hop Mod - This is the most basic rip off ive ever seen. In the hop unit between the hop rubber and the nub you add a small strip of 1mm electricians cable with the copper pulled out. It hardens the hop but has the vital give needed to create a huge differance in range.

Lipo conversion - This is more involved , im not sure of the power board length in a CTW , but in a ptw he cuts it back and re-solders the contacts with 2 extender wires , he cuts a vey small slot in the stock tube and pulls the two extended wires out , he then adds the fuse part on the outside creating more room. This is best left to a pro though , as im not fully sure where to cut/solder etc and it can be an expensive error.

I do have an alternatic guy i could post on here that has his own sites , its massivley cheaper and wont rip you off. If the mods (if any are online) are ok with this??

The reason i ask is in the systema world Tac pretty much controls it all , and on the UKAS site i questioned his methods and basically got all my negative posts removed , as im new on here thought id ask first.



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2 Re: Tac mods & the CTW on Fri Jun 29, 2012 5:09 am


a) All of the Tac mods can or will be able to be done by STTS or they are unnecessary.

b) Check out the new look forums: http://tw-owners.co.uk

Think they'd suit you Smile

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