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Vanaras PMags (Misfeeds) & Dead Gun

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1 Vanaras PMags (Misfeeds) & Dead Gun on Sun Jun 24, 2012 4:38 pm


Lately I've been having a few problems with these mags, it seems like they don't sit just flush enough to actually feed the whole time. This usually requires me to actually have to place my hand on the mags and sort of push them forward and up into the mag well for a flawless feed.

Anyone else have this problem/what did you do to fix it?

Second part (more of an internal, but figured easier to post it here than make a new post):

A few times now, I've attempted to place the weapon on semi auto, and nothing happens upon pulling the trigger. I push in the bolt catch, place it back on safe, and then back to semi only for the same thing to happen, nothing. Seems to do it right when I'm in the middle of a bad firefight and getting ready to advance on someone, which ends up slowing me down by about 20 seconds while I switch between safe and semi back and forth before it will actually fire. I have a new selector switch and detector light, so it can't be those.



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2 Re: Vanaras PMags (Misfeeds) & Dead Gun on Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:16 pm


Hi there, most members are now on the new forums: http://ctw-owners.co.uk

You may be able to get an answer from a member there, or STTS who are patrolling the site and answering questions.

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