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Repair/maintenance guide for CTW? *Edit from original post*

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*EDIT* Sorry Guys didnt realize my original post was trash, been a while since ive been on forums.
Well my CTW's been sitting around for a while after I got a new motor put in. I was planning on selling it but now ive been going to school for engineering and my plans where to get into gunsmithing so ive relized that the CTW's arent the scariest thing to work on ive been around the v2+v3 gearboxes too much.

Getting to my point ive looked online for a guide of takedown/maintenance for the CTW's and ive come up pretty empty handed. Im pretty sure I can figure it out on my own. A guide would be pretty handy though. If anything i'd be greatful for any advice as for care/propper cleaning of the rifle (right lubes, ext.)

Thanks guys,

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CTW takedown is pretty easy.

1. Remove the rear pin which locks the upper and lower together.
2. Remove the forward pin to split the rifle.
NOTE: the pins could not be completely removed because they are taken in place by the small metal posts and small springs.
Now you have upper assembly and lower assembly.

Upper disassembly:
1. Pull the cocking hadle to get the cylinder out.
2. Remove cylinder.
3. Remove cocking handle.
4. Pull the hopup chamber to remove the barrel and hopup.
NOTE: if hopup chamber is hardly to remove, remove the flash hider and push the internal barrel.
4.5 Remove the grip from the barrel.
5. Remove the flash hider by unwinding the screw and unwinding the flash hider.
6. Remove the forward sling mount, use hex driver to remove the small screw beneath the mount.
7. Remove 2 pins in the lower part of the forward aiming. Move forward aiming towards the end of the barrel, it should be moved together with fake gas tube.
8. Use the armorer key to unwind and remove the star-shaped ring.
9. Move away other parts of the delta ring.
10. Split the barrel and upper.

If someone interested in full lower disassembly - let me know if i should write it Smile

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Word of caution..... DO NOT GET GREASY FINGERS ON THE ECU at the front of the gearbox, if you do it may short and then your in for a world of pain with regards to cost as it normaly fries the MOSFET as well.

PS - All the UK supplied CTW's with warranty have UV markers to see if they have been tampered with, just thought you should know in case you bugger it and try and claim under warranty - THEY WILL KNOW!!!


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