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New to the world of CTW's

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1 New to the world of CTW's on Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:43 pm


I've recently been in JD Airsoft in the UK and was chatting with one of the guys there concerning one of the Celcuis CTW CQB length rifles.

They seemed to really help to persuade me towards the CTW.

Needless to say in the near future i'll be purchasing one from them. Google'd to see if there was a forum and joined.

If there is any info that i'd need to know I thought that this would be a good place to start.

Any info that other users can offer then that'd be great.

Cheers all

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2 Re: New to the world of CTW's on Tue Mar 20, 2012 6:40 pm


I will say that it is worth it, i love my CTW even tho ive had a couple small problems with it the only major problem so far is the motor failing, but that will happen even with the PTW so thats pretty much inevitable, You will find yourself spending a lot of money so if your on a budget i would stick to AEG's because there is always something else that you will need/want, atleest thats how it is with me, you will need to pick up some extra magazines, a good battery trust me you do not want to use a cheap one, the celcius battery is great. If your the type that likes to customize the externals then be aware that not all Airsoft externals will fit, you will need a milspec size stock, RIS so far i have had no problem with Madbull and KWA rails, Outer barrel IS proprietary(same as GBBR i think) And flash hider is CW. So theirs some info for you Very Happy

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3 Re: New to the world of CTW's on Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:36 am


Same advice - you wont go wrong in the main, and the ones supplied by JD have a warranty as he gets them through official channels so your covered. The CTW has come on a long way since the launch of the MX-1 and the X-Max which were pretty Poo, but the new MX-2 are pretty damn good!!

The big thing to remember is its not a Systema PTW - it is damn close, but its not quite the same (97% but not 100%), but then again they are not £1450 either so its very good weapons platform for less than half the cost!!!

Even Systema PTW's go wrong - I purchased a CTW and my mate bought a PTW as he is a sad arse with no girlfriend or life and so had more cash: he poo poo'd my CTW as he said it was 'Shite', sent it to Tackleberry for the £400 tune up and first time out - buggered!!!! I laughed so much some wee came out Laughing

As previously mentioned, get a good battery ( x 2 if possible), definately LiPo and a 20C discharge rate as a minimum. Spare mags X 6 and an M110 spring. With a CTW its not about super power - due to the 6.00mm barrel they will out perform any AEG but the bigger the spring you put in it the more strain on the gearbox, piston etc and it will of course flatten your battery quicker.

The key to PTW and CTW ownership is that your moving away from the 'spray and pray' method of combat to the 'controlled, aimed shots' division and its bloody fantastic!!!!!

Welcome to the Clan - STAND FAST....... FIGHT HARD


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4 Re: New to the world of CTW's on Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:51 am


If I may and I surely will: Sunray, you %#^$& lucky son of a.. gun!!! Very Happy

I hope you realize that you were incredibly lucky towards your friend with systema. The average number of faults of the ctw is far greater then the ptw. And the reason is pretty simple: quality control - maybe some things slipped with the systema qc, but with ctw - OMG - it's a lot of a luck_related thing.. and let's just say I wasn't very.. took me a long time to make it work and this process killed my motor for good..

All in all, if you play careful, as Sunray pointed out, and at the first sign of a problem, you solve it or took it to a technician, you should be good cause you are way far from the ptw price..


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5 Re: New to the world of CTW's on Wed Mar 21, 2012 6:01 pm


Cheers for the welcome guys.

All the info has proven very useful. I've also been pricing a few parts up that I'm going to get JD Airsoft to swap over when i go to purchase the rifle.

I'll be purchasing the cqb variant and adding the following
- Magpul Miad grip
- Magpul ASAP
- Magpul trigger guard
- Magpul moe stock
- Magpul moe foregrip
- Magpul Mbus rear sight
Yes I'm a magpul fanboi Lol.

One question that I do have is regards to the moe foregrip. Would a Pts one fit or would I need a real steal one?

On the future I plan to build a new upper that has a rail system and a longer barrel.

As for batteries and mags, I used an imax b6 lipos charger. Mag wise I've been running beta project pmags which are 75 rounds. I usually ran with 3 on my plate carrier and one in a kydex mag carrier on my belt. plus one in the rifle. I'll be running a similar mag count but using some form of pmag (again with the magpul fanboism).

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