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New to the world of CTW'S and need advice re: accessories...

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I am about to invest in a CTW and am after advice as to which accessories i should consider... i am looking to put some flip up sights, similar to those on a SCAR and would also like to fit an old school m203 launcher - the type without RIS and the vented holes drill along the body - a bit of an old school meets new school.

I dont know where to start with looking for accessories for one of these so any advice is appreciated. Hope to get the gun ordered this month along with accessories so i can build it all together. Thats the dream!


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Most M203 launchers will fit a ctw, but it may be a tight fit around the barrel nut - a bit of 'fine adjustment' may be required.

Flip up front sights are a lot easier, but also can be costly - the barrel on a ctw is 'real steal' dimensions so therefore most airsoft ones wont fit, so you either have to go ptw or real steal and there not cheap.

Other than that, dont forget some spare magazines, a couple of LiPo batteries and a can of whup ass for your game sites!!! lol!

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