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have you seen this ECU? able to swap from full auto to burst with the trigger only.

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have any one of you tested these??? it can to be configured as lipo 11.1v or nimh 9.6v.

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it only works for that specific ecu. on the ctw you can hold on to the trigger to adjust the led brightness. and yes i've seen that video multiple times already

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i've just ordered one to test it... wait and see

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Good morning and happy new year to you all.

these are available from us in the internals sale section:

@ Eagle..
the operating voltage of the Mini Powerboard is 7.4V to 16V input, however we recommend a minimum of 9.6V

You can use an 11.1V lipo or 9.6V NiMH.

please note that the V1 and V2 solder joints on the ECU determine the threshold of the low voltage warning

11.1V Lipo = V1 & V2 open
9.6V NiMH = V1 shorted, V2 open
Disabled = V1 & V2 Shorted


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