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1 WTB WTTF CTW on Fri Oct 28, 2011 10:47 am


As the title says i would like to buy or trade for a working CTW mx2. As for trade i have some very nice/expensive AEG's i will send pics upon request. Other then that i would like to pay with paypal.

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2 Re: WTB WTTF CTW on Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:36 pm


I have a KWA sr7 HK that has tons of upgrades internally and externally, Internals it has are SHS 16-1 speed gears, aim full metal teeth piston and polycarb piston head, a G&G bucking, and an active braking mosfet, matrix magnum motor.
Externally it has tons of magpul, all the external accessories are tan.
MAgpul acs stock, magpul mbus rear site, magpul moe grip, magpul trigger guard, eotech 552 replica( painted tan), magpul afg, magpul ladder rail covers, matrix peq 15, king arms front site, Noveske 10 in RIS black.

I also have a vfc/echo 1 platinum m4
internals- G&P hop up, madbull 6.03 barrel, bravo XT piston, AB mosfet, KWA high torque motor.

Externals- MAgpul UBR stock black, Magpul MBUS front and rear black, Guarder Acog red and green dot, sniper trigger guard, Noveske 12in RAIL black, Rubberized rail covers, MAgpul AFG black,

I would post pics but unfortunately this forum wont let me for 7 days...

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3 CTW on Fri Nov 04, 2011 4:13 pm



Have a CTW/MX2 for sale.

Internely i have changed to the Systema hop-op chamber and deepfire knob. Also changed the inner barrel to deepfire 6,02 since the bb's got stuck in the celcius 6,00 barrel all the time.

Magpul CTR stock. (one of the pins on the backplate is broken, see pictures)
Magpul rear flip up sight
Magpul rail cowers
9 working mags and 2 that's not working. (10 vanaras and 1 celsius)

Also i have a Magpul MOE GBB grip ready for moding.

For this i want 800 USD + shipping

Problems to upload pictures here but if you what you can send me your e-mail.

(also offerd this for a nother guy so.... (post over)

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